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The Lowdown On Knife Crime

Our purpose at Down Tools is to create more awareness about knife crime, causes, risks and consequences. We want to educate our youth on the effects of carrying knives and how serious it can become.

We provide a learning platform along with guidance on how schools can use it. The content ensures that children become stimulated and remain engaged.

The platform presents information in a format that children can relate to and reinforces the facts surrounding knife crime, including the reasons people carry knifes, how quickly both the life of the perpetrator and victim can change for ever and the lasting effects of those left behind.

At Down Tools, we believe in a preventative approach, one that educates children and allows them to make informed choices and rebuff knife crime.

We are working alongside many charities across the UK who share our common values.

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If you think you, your school or anyone you know may benefit from this then please fill out the contact form below and one of our members will be in touch to assist you as soon as possible.


of 11- 16 year olds in school said they

had carried a knife at some point

in the previous year.


of young people excluded from school said they carried

a knife at some point in the

previous year


of 16-year-old boys said they had

attacked someone with or without

a knife


of young people excluded from school

said they had threatened someone

with a knife

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