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Top Tips On How To Clean Your Carpets

I’m sure you regularly vacuum your carpets but this only goes so far to keeping them clean. When I got my new high powered vacuum cleaner, I could not believe how much dirt came out of the carpets, especially in the areas where we all walk. This got me to thinking about how to keep my carpets a bit cleaner or even try to give them a deep clean. I started looking at carpet washing machines, there are so many on the market that I had no idea what would be best for my flooring.

There are so many different ways of removing dirt marks and odours from the carpet, it is a good idea to use bicarbonate of soda periodically. Just sprinkle it on the carpet and then vacuum as normal. Baking soda is actually really great stuff, it will remove smells in a natural way, so if you have pets and/or young children, this is a great tip for you to help you keep your carpeting smelling sweet!

Stains can be a bit more tricky to remove, it all depends on what made the stain. Soda water is good, it works well on lots of different stains. If you are going to use vinegar, do a little test on a hidden area first just in case there is an adverse reaction with the carpeting. White cloths should be used for the mopping up, anything with dye could run colour into your carpet.

Carpet shampooing can give great results, a machine similar to a vacuum cleaner is used to essentially wash the carpet. It has 2 reservoirs, 1 that you fill with water and carpet shampoo and the other reservoir is used to store the used water and shampoo mixture. The machine sprays the water and shampoo over the carpet from the nozzle and then will suck the water back up to leave your carpet looking lovely and clean. The carpet will be quite damp following the cleaning process so it is best to do this on a day when you can have your doors and window open so it can dry.

Steam cleaners are quite popular these days and they work by spraying a fine mist of hot water out onto the carpet and then sucking up the water and dirt. The best thing about these cleaners is that they don’t leave the carpet pile too damp so drying time is reduced. A lot of professional carpet cleaning firms use this type of machine because of the reduced drying time.

So, now is the time to give your carpets a good clean, it will really spruce up your home and make it look and feel so much nicer.



Dirt is like thousands of little blades that cut carpet fibers. When you walk across a dirty carpet, you grind sharp dirt particles against the yarn, making tiny nicks in the fibers. All that fuzz mixed in with the dirt in your vacuum cleaner bags is your beautiful carpet headed out the door one bag at a time. When dirt scratches the fibers, it dulls the sheen, which is why high-traffic areas appear duller than the rest of the carpet. Over time, grinding dirt wears away the fibers too, which mats them down and makes them stain more easily. Follow these tips to keep your carpet as dirt-free as possible.

Vacuum often
To protect your carpet, vacuum entrance areas and high-traffic areas twice a week and the rest of the carpeting at least weekly. Oily soils attract oily soils, and frequent vacuuming will reduce soil buildup.

Start with a clean bag or filter
A dirty bag, dirt cup or filter can cut a vacuum’s suction power in half. The main reason bagless vacuums stop working is that the filters aren’t changed often enough. Replace or wash (if possible) the filters on bagless vacuums every three months. Replace vacuum bags when they’re three-quarters full.

Vacuum at the right speed
Vacuum slowly enough to get out as much dirt as possible. Make one quick pass over low-traffic areas and two slow passes over high-traffic areas. Two slow passes removes ground-in dirt more effectively than several fast passes.

Use walk-off mats
Use walk-off mats inside and out to keep dirt off the carpeting. Coarse-textured mats outside your doors remove soil. Water-absorbent mats inside prevent wet shoes on the carpeting.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as the primary cleaning method for synthetic carpets. Although it’s often referred to as “steam” cleaning, there’s no steam involved. The carpet is pretreated with a detergent solution, and then a very hot rinse solution under high pressure is forced into your carpet and vacuumed out. When done correctly, this process cleans deep and doesn’t leave behind a soap residue. Quality pros charge $300 to $500 to deep clean 1,000 sq. ft. of carpet. At that price, you might be tempted to skip professional cleanings altogether and just rent a machine to clean the carpet yourself. Don’t. Or at least don’t do only that. A rented or purchased carpet-cleaning machine will remove the surface dirt. But deep cleaning to remove allergens, dust and greasy residues requires the specialized equipment and training of a pro. The best strategy is to use our DIY cleaning tips most of the time and hire a professional every 12 to 18 months.

Don’t take bids over the phone
Quality pros will provide references, an in-home inspection and a written estimate based on the square footage, type and condition of the carpeting rather than the number of rooms cleaned, and a written guarantee of their work.

Beware of “discount” carpet cleaners
Discount pros depend on making volume sales rather than establishing ongoing client relationships. They typically spray soap on your carpet, suck up the water and are gone in 30 minutes. These services leave behind a soap residue that will actually attract dirt to your carpet. Those “three rooms for 50 bucks” offers also get them into your house so they can sell you high-priced add-ons like spot removal and deodorizers—services that quality pros include for free.

You get what you pay for
Quality pros charge according to the type of carpeting, the services you need and the size of the job. The entire process can take one to three hours.

Tips On How To Clean Grout

Cleaning the tile grout, yes I can hear you groaning already but it is one of those ghastly jobs that once completed, it looks wonderful and gives you such a feeling of satisfaction.


If your tiling and grouting was done by a professional tradesman, it should have been properly sealed with grout sealer. However, sometimes only one coat will have been applied and this means that the grout will lose its waterproofing and be susceptible to leaking – this would not be good as the wall underneath will get damp or even wet. It is always a good idea to reapply grout sealer every 2 or 3 years yourself just to make sure it is still offering the same level of protection.

There are many different ways of cleaning grouting and you can choose whichever method you prefer. If you are going to do this yourself, as opposed to hiring someone to do it for you, it is important to look at where your tiles are and how often they are used. For instance, quarry tiles on the kitchen floor will have high traffic levels and will therefore be more inclined to get dirty. Whereas, the tiles in your en suite guest room will probably not get a lot of use and will not suffer quite so much.


Grouting gets dirty and let’s face it, it is a real pain to try and keep it clean. In your kitchen the tiles and grout will be subject to splashes from cooking, washing up, general dust and dirt and so on. The bathroom is more prone to mould or mildew as well as soap scum. It is best to choose a simple cleaning solution and then move on to something more if necessary. The harsher the chemicals, the more damage they are likely to do.


Household items such as bicarbonate of soda, vinegar or lemon juice can be very effective at cleaning lighter stains. Mix the bicarbonate of soda with a little water to make a paste, then dab onto the grout with a cloth, your fingers or a brush. Once you have applied the paste, use a stiff brush to scrub the paste. Use a circular motion rather than scrubbing up and down. If using vinegar or lemon juice, dilute with equal an equal amount of water and use one of those household plant sprayers to spray onto the grout and then using a stiff brush as before. It is quite hard work and you will need to apply a bit of old fashioned elbow grease to get it clean. Make sure you rinse the tiles and grout well when you are finished so that there is no residue lingering.


If you prefer to use a household cleaner, there are many different brands and types on the market. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and bathroommake sure you rinse it well. I would suggest you look for one that is appropriate to use on grout, some have got very harsh chemicals in them which could strip the waterproofing off the grout and leave it prone to moisture. Steam cleaners are popular and easily available, however, choose one that is no more than 500 PSI or it might either damage the grout or actually remove it! The last thing you need, is for your tiling to start falling out and need to be replaced – this was not the plan!


It is not a good idea to use bleach, hydrogen peroxide or those oxygen bleach powders that are on the market due to the fumes that will be released. If your room is well ventilated and you have a safety mask that will protect you from breathing in such noxious fumes, you could use one of these chemicals.


If you find that your cleaning efforts are not making the impression you hoped for, it might well be best to hire a professional who specialises in cleaning tiles and grout. They will have the equipment and cleaning products that will give you a great result. Obviously this will cost a bit so shop around and see what people are charging for these services. Make sure you check out their references so that you can be confident that they will do a good job for you.


When your grout is beautiful and clean again, seal it with an appropriate grout sealer as this will protect it from staining and give you more time between cleaning. Always choose the right sealer for the grout, there are different types and you need to choose the one for the grout you wish to apply it to.

The Right Home Improvements Can Boost The Value Of Your Property

Home improvements can and do make a huge difference to homeowners when done well however, if they are not done well, they can actually reduce the value of the property. Choosing which home improvements to do is something that requires a good deal of thought and preparation before commencing work. There are many people who are more than capable of doing their own home improvements, these enthusiasts will often do just as good or an even better job than the professionals. One thing to be aware of if you are going to tackle your own DIY project, know your limits, be aware of what you are capable of and do not overstretch your capabilities. I’m sure you have seen some of these DIY disaster television shows and you will not want to end up in that sort of situation. Remember that whatever home improvements you do will be there for a very long time and if you are planning to sell your home, these improvements must be attractive to potential buyers. After all, you would not want to buy a new property and then spend a lot of time and money undoing someone else’s DIY mistakes, so do consider the future sale of your home when planning home improvements.

By choosing to make improvements to just one area of your home could in fact boost the value of your property by a considerable sum, this could make it a very attractive proposition when it comes to selling up. Your work could give you a very tasty profit which could go a long way towards your next home.


Splashing out on home improvements not only makes your house a more enjoyable place to live, but it if done right it is also likely to give its value a boost.

The average home improvement would add a healthy 10 per cent to the value of a home, research from peer-to-peer platform Zopa claims, while those who build conservatories come out top on their return on investment of potentially 108 per cent.

Zopa asked users who had taken out home improvement loans through the platform what changes they made and how much profit they reckoned they got on what they spent on the work.

Zopa says homeowners added an average of £30,000 to their home’s value through home improvements.

There is a whole range of minor and major improvements you can make to your property from just cleaning up to structural renovations.

But you don’t want to spend too much if you are not going to get a decent return on your investment when it comes to sell.

Zopa CEO and co-founder Giles Andrews says, ‘With the latest housing market reports showing the market to be slowing down, home owners could add significant value by looking at ways to improve their current homes, rather than move. With record low rates on borrowing, home improvements can be a cost-effective way to add value to your property for the long-term.’ 

How focusing on the kitchen can add value to your home

Top home improvements Return on Investment Profit (Median) Average Costs
Conservatory 108% £5,750 £5,300
Garden 88% £4,000 £4,550
Exterior 75% £4,500 £6,000
Extension 71% £14,000 £19,750
Roof 63% £2,600 £4,150
Floor carpets 50% £2,000 £4,000
Loft 50% £12,000 £24,600
Kitchen 49% £4,750 £9,600
Bathroom 48% £2,350 £4,900
Source: Zopa


A conservatory provides an extra room in your house, but means giving up some garden space.

Unlike an extension, you won’t need planning permission as long no more than half the area of the land of the original house is covered

You will also be exempt from rules on structure and fire safety, known as building regulations, if at least half of the new wall and three quarters of the roof is either glazed or translucent material and if the conservatory is separated from the house by external doors.

Average cost: £5,300

Average profit: £5,750

Return on investment: 108 per cent


Its easy to forget about your garden and let it get overgrown or messy, especially when it is cold outside.

But a front garden is the first thing a potential buyer will see when they come to view your house so a tatty lawn or dead plants may have an impact on the all important first impression.

A well looked after garden will give your home a welcoming and modern feel.

Average cost: £4,550

Average profit: £4,000

Return on investment 88 per cent

Further information



A Guide To Rental Home Management And Maintenance

Having your own rental home management plan is key to domestic rental home investing.


Its 9pm and your tenant calls to say that there is water is leaking under the sink. How about a gutter system gets disconnected. No big deal, when it rains make sure your not standingWorker with tools. DIY metaphor below it. Winter comes, where water hits the ground, it begins to collect and then it freezes. Whoops, somebody slips there and you get taken legal action against. Huge issue. It pays to have a rental home management strategy.


How about that outside porch wood that needs painting. No big deal. Next year. Next year comes and goes and you conserved 700 dollars not doing it. 3 years later on you invest $2000 having wood replaced because it’s to decayed. Huge trouble. It pays to have a home management strategy.


You get the idea, whether something breaks or routine upkeep – things have to get taken care of and kept. A good leasing home management plan assists make sure easy and rewarding multifamily property investing.


There are three primary elements for a great leasing property management strategy. Knowing who is responsible for handling the properties upkeep, who is going to repair things and when will things get taken care of are the 3 primary elements. Having a tactical plan for these three things is crucial for maintaining your leasings. These three elements ought to be resolved and consisted of in the lease. This guarantees the occupant understands ahead of time what to anticipate when things require fixing or maintenance.


Let’s start with who will be responsible for managing your rental property. Seventeen years experience of owning leasings has actually taught me that no one else will be better than the property owner for being responsible for handling the maintenance of your rentals. So the most cost effective rental property management strategy has the owner doing the handling.


Before you state, oh god, what a headache managing rental home is, let me say I have actually learned and you can too, ways to make home management easy and profitable.


Needless to say, I personally highly advise against working with a management business for residential rental property.


Lets address who is really going to be fixing broken products or doing the needed maintenance?


You, the owner, your payroll help, a hired handyman, who is going to really be doing the manual labour for repairing and preserving your rentals. Why is it important to have this be part of your rental property management strategy?


Well, what you do not desire is having every time something has to be fixed end up being a difficult expensive headache.


By knowing who is going to be doing the repairs ahead of time, through your rental upkeep strategy, you remove 2 potential issues.


One, when a trouble does take place, your somewhat prepared by having had actually established a list of contacts ahead of time. Secondly, being prepared like this, greatly reduces stress and makes managing your rental home simple.


Hopefully you see the significance of knowing ahead of time who is responsible for and who is really going to be doing the upkeep work.


Later on, I’ll inform you the 3rd essential secret for a cost effective, simple to carry out rental property management plan.


A few additional things to think about relating to rental property management. If your simply starting and you purchase a multifamily residence, and you’re a hands on type individual you may want to do as much of the maintenance and repairs as possible.


If you go on to keep buying multifamily homes you’ll find actually doing the physical preserving of your earnings properties to burdensome.


Understand that managing rental properties and doing the manual labour are 2 different things.


If you choose to work with a upkeep guy or handyman to do the maintenance, ask around regional hardware shops for referrals or ask individuals in a Home depot or Lowes. They’re not expected to refer people but I have actually been pleasantly surprised how many individuals moonlight or know somebody fair priced and trusted.


Search in a local paper for a helpful guy you can employ to do the upkeep. Call a couple of people placing includes, not big print adds, rather the small includes and tell them what kind of assistance your trying to find. Listen to them offer their spiel, ask concerns and ask if they can offer you any individual who they worked for in past as a suggestion. If they check out tell them you’ll be offering them a call when you require them.


Personally, I do not recommend employing an outdoors company to do your rental property management.

Another fantastic place to obtain names of dependable individuals to do your repair works and upkeep is with your local REIA group. The more names and numbers for cost effective, dependable maintenance guys, the much better. Put their names, numbers and what they do into your cell phone or keep them in a unique book. I make sure I’m not the very first or last individual to put a name and number in a book and later not remember who they are or exactly what they do!


Who might you want to have on your rental home maintenance list before you even require them? A couple of general handymen, a heating system maintenance and repair guy unless you wish to get repair service agreements from the gas company if your property heats up by gas, an pest control man (I actually have contracts for quarterly avoidance with pest control man on all my systems), an device repair guy if you provide home appliances, a plumber, a drain cleaning business and somebody to shovel or rake your homes.


If you went on to have a lot of multifamily units, you may wish to thinking about hiring someone on full time for doing the physical maintenance work. Personally I choose having a huge network of contacts I can contact for maintenance and repair work over having staff members.


If you follow these rental property management guidelines, handling your cash flow systems is simply a extremely profitable job of receiving and making call.


Earlier I point out there was another essential element to address concerning how to handle your rentals.


When will things be fixed? Put in the lease or addendum how long you have to make arrangements to have things repaired, twenty 4, forty eight, seventy 2 hours? Put it in the lease so occupant knows how you preserve your property. It could appear silly, but I have actually discovered by having the renters knowing how you manage and preserve your rentals the less misconceptions you’ll have.


Keep in mind, you’re in charge. It’s your property and having a strong rental property plan and informing your tenants how you maintain your rental home will make owning financial investment property all the much better.

How A Garden Room Can Improve Your Quality Of Life At Home

If you own a home, no doubt you are constantly looking for ways to improve your living environment. One of the most common things that homeowners always wish for is more living space. One way to achieve that is by adding on, like building an extra bedroom. However, adding an extra room can be very expensive. There is another way that a lot of homeowners overlook, and that is converting some of their outdoor space into living space. One popular idea is to make a garden room.

What exactly is it? It is basically taking some space in your garden and transforming it into an area where you can treat it like a room inside the house. The following will explore some possibilities.


When you are tired, it would be great if you can go to a room where you can get some peace and quiet and just relax, but not necessarily sleep. You can make a garden room for this purpose. What you would need is furnishings that would make this space comfortable. Think about what you would typically put in a room where you want to relax. A comfortable lounge or sofa perhaps. Add a few fluffy pillows to it. Place a small table close by where you can set down a cup of tea and a little snack tray. Add a couple of throws to wrap yourself in to feel cosy. What about decor? You can set out pots of your favourite flowers all around. That is really all you need to make a little cosy garden room for yourself.

You can add in enhancements that will make the environment even more soothing. How about putting in a fountain? The sound of water is very therapeutic. You can find solar-powered fountains that use very little electricity. You can keep that running all day and night without feeling guilty that you are using a lot of energy.

In order to separate the garden room from the rest of your outdoor space, you can use tall plants to delineate the area. Get some large pots with your favourite dwarf ornamental trees, and just set a couple of them on each side. That gives you an effective visual of a garden space. It will also provide a little more privacy from your neighbour’s windows.

You can put up a rectangular planter with a lattice and plant some climbing roses in the planter. After a couple of years, the lattice will be covered with lovely climbing roses. This makes a lovely wall for your garden room.

When you are selecting a space for your garden retreat, pick a spot that is not too far off from the entrance back to your house. You want convenient access to things that you want to take out to your garden room. Bring out your tray of tea and snacks, along with a good book. Then sit back and enjoy. If it gets chilly, pop back into the house to get a light blanket.

Copyright Future Rooms

Copyright Future Rooms

The furniture that you will be using outdoors should be upholstered in an attractive outdoor fabric that is weather resistant. Browse catalogues for attractive options in outdoor furnishings.

You do not have to get back inside when the sun sets. Add some outdoor lights to your garden room. String up some lights to create the perfect ambiance. When the season turns chilly, you can add an outdoor fire pit in the middle of your garden room to make the area cosy and warm.

Your garden room should have characteristics that please your senses. Surround yourself with  plants that are attractive year round. Explore plants that give out a pleasant fragrance. The furnishings should be comfortable enough where you can take a nap if you so choose.

A garden room does not have to be big. In fact, a space just big enough for two or three people to sit around and talk is the perfect size. Anything bigger would take away from the cosiness of the space. In this case, bigger is not necessarily better.

You can see that it does not really take much to create a nice garden room. This is the perfect way to get some extra living space out of space that you already have. It only costs a fraction of the price of adding an extra room to your house. All you need are the right furnishings and accessories to transform your outdoor space into a lovely garden room. Browse catalogues and visit showrooms for ideas. You will be amazed at variety of options available to you. The great thing about a garden room is that you can easily change its look by getting new accessories or just by moving things around. The possibilities are endless.

Tips On Choosing Security Cameras

Not  just has the cost of security  video cameras gone right down, the technology has actually become rather extraordinary. With  an increasing number of homes empty  throughout the day, security  electronic cameras are filling an  vital niche. With both  partners working, the  house  has actually become  a lot more  susceptible to intrusion. Teenagers are coming home to a vacant home and  animals are left alone for long hours. Choosing the right security  video camera can answer a number of these  issues. You can now  see your cameras on the internet or over your  cellular phone. As  increasingly more  individuals  find the  benefits of monitoring your  house with security video cameras, most new homes  will certainly be pre-wired for cameras. It is still a market full of pitfalls,  since even those installing cameras  do not understand the technology that the  video cameras are using. I have heard stories from other installers who  set up  electronic cameras that had half the quality for twice the going rate. The homeowner thought that  considering that they were expensive they  should be good and that’s not the case. So here are three  vital things you  ought to  search for when purchasing cameras.

1.) Understand resolution quality.  A lot of  cams that are in the  rate range of  the majority of  property owners are rated by TVL or  tv lines of resolution.  Requirement res is only 38TVL, high resolution is 440TVL – 480TVL,  however  do not be  tricked, by today’s standards those  cams would  provide a poor quality picture. Super High Resolution is 550TVL – 600TVL and is the minimum I recommend. It will  provide you a good quality picture and may be enough for a  house application. Just recently  launched you have 600TVL – 750TVL and there is a  visible improvement in the picture quality. The  cost may not be that  obvious, so you  ought to request pricing on 600TVL and up. It is not the only determining  consider the quality of a  video camera,  however it does give you a  fast snap shot in understanding the quality of a  electronic camera.

2.)  Comprehend the cutting edge technology  readily available today. If you have difficult lighting conditions you will  require a  electronic camera that is  constructed to  manage it. What is  simple for the eye  might be extremely  challenging for a  cam.  For instance taking an image in front of a  big window or glass door or the  beyond a  residence that is half in bright sunlight and the other half in shade. Here you will  require a  innovation that  will certainly compensate for the difference in lighting. Several  innovations that  will certainly do that is a Wide Dynamic  Variety, (HLC) High Light  Payment, and (ATR) Adaptive Tone Reproduction. These technologies will aid in giving you the best light balanced images.

security camerasYou will want to incorporate a technology that  will certainly give you light  in the evening. Some of the choices you  have actually are infrared, Starlight, and Wide Dynamic range. If you use infrared you  will certainly  have to either be able to  manage the amount of IR light used or your  graphic  will certainly be  rinsed. Some  electronic cameras incorporate a technology that automatically adjusts the infrared light, but  the majority of  cams  provide a fixed amount of light that you  can not adjust. In those cases you have to match the amount of infrared LEDs to the distance you are  attempting to light up. As a rule of thumb I cut the  range of  exactly what the  producer tells me in half. If they say it will light 60 feet then I  rely on a  great image out to about 30 feet,  however not closer than 10 or 15 feet  since you’ll get a washed out image. That is why I like either a  electronic camera that the IR is adjustable or pay a little more for a  video camera that adjusts it  instantly. For the  cam that  does not  make use of IR lighting then  aim to see how small the lux is for it to  catch an image. It won’t be able to go as low as they claim,  however it will give you an idea of  just how much light is needed.

3.) The last  suggestion I have for you is to choose your installer carefully. You need to  discover one who can do a professional  task installing the  cams,  particularly if it is in your  house. If  somebody is going to be drilling holes in your living room,  see to it they know what they’re doing! Ask him how he  prepares to hide the wires so they  do not show on the outside of your house.  Request for references. See if he offers a written  warranty. If you are going to be making a  considerable  financial investment  in your house with security  cams,  see to it your installer  deserves your trust.

What You Need To Know About Roofs And Roofing

Our homes are our castles and we value them not only as a place to live but as a place of our own. For some people, their home is just bricks and a roof with windows and doors but for others, their home is more than that and they take great pride in keeping it in pristine condition. Many people don’t think about the roof until it starts leaking or there is some other problem. However, it is important to understand your roof as they do vary and as such, have different problems so being aware of the type of roof and what it is covered with can save you a whole lot of trouble. It is a good idea to so some general maintenance, even if this is only on an annual basis so that you can see if there are any issues that need to be taken care of, such as broken tiles, blocked guttering or cracks in the roofing felt.  The thing is, even if you are not a DIY expert, you can do some basic maintenance and observations which will save you money in the long run because you will be able to either fix minor issues or call in a professional to do it for you before it becomes a huge job. Here is an insturctional piece about roofs, take a look and see what you can learn.

Most homeowners only have to consider repairing or replacing a roof once in their lives so getting to grips with what it involves and how much it should cost can be a challenge. This article, spread into three parts, provides the basic information needed to understand what a roofing company is talking about, to help those unfamiliar with roof construction. To a non technical person, there appear to be a bewildering range of roof options but these can be simplified if you know the basics.

What is a roof?

A roof is  primarily designed to keep out rain and snow including wind-driven spray from a building. It can also deny access to pests. In these day of energy conservation a roof can also contribute to preventing warmth being lost from a building. Where a roof has insulation as an integral part of its structure it is called a warm roof. Where the insulation is not included within its structure (maybe the insulation is laid on the ceiling of  the floor below) then it is called a cold roof.

Types of roof construction:

There are two basic types of roof construction:

  • Flat roofs 
  • Pitched or sloping roofs

Flat roofs

A flat roof is generally defined as having a pitch not greater than 15° to the horizontal. A truly flat roof would not allow rainwater to drain away so most flat roofs have a fall on them so that the rainwater naturally flows to collection points. Whilst you can have tiled roofs of  10-15° these are really flat roof construction with a cosmetic covering of tiles.

There are different types of roofing material used in the waterproofing layer of a flat roof construction:

  • EPDM is a type of rubber which comes in continuous sheets. (EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer if you are desperate to know)
  • Roofing felt is a bitumen coated sheet with a mineral coated surface to add colour and provide the bitumen with protection from the sun
  • Fibre glass is a rigid material 

Flat Roof Construction

Below is a typical construction of a warm flat roof. It consists of six basic elements

  1. A Waterproof layer which resists water.

  2. Thermal insulation which retains heat within the building rather than allowing it to escape through the roof.

  3. A vapour barrier to prevent moisture escaping

  4. A timber deck, often of plywood sheeting, which allows the roof to support a load such as someone walking on it

  5. Wooden roof joists which are supported by the walls

  6. Plasterboard ceiling Click here to continue reading

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Tips On How To Tile A Floor

So you have actually moved into your new apartment and you discover that your floor is in bad shape. So, you’ve decided to get rid of the old floor tiles and install new ones. Don’t be fooled though, tiling is not as easy as it might appear. So before you even think about starting the project, you need to have an idea of what is involved.


Recognize what sort of floor you have – or rather, your subfloor. Understanding the type of subfloor you’ll be setting your ceramic tiles over is essential. There are three main sorts of floors (or, subfloors), that you might encounter, when starting on your ceramic tile installation:.

Concrete floor – ceramic tiles on top of concrete is best but you do need to prepare the floor before you begin. All the fractures and holes have to be repaired and completed prior to starting work.  As soon as your start dealing with your project, each of your ceramic specific tiles will be bonded straight to the concrete floor. If the cracks expand, this will impact your tiles, too. Some fractures might even be that large that it would be best to replace the bigger sections of your concrete floor instead of restoring all the cracks. If you have a great deal of large cracks, particularly ones that run up the wall, seek advice from a expert before your start dealing with your tiling task.


A plywood subfloor. If you’re moving into a second floor house, most likely you’re subfloor will certainly be in plywood. Because you will certainly be putting ceramic tiles over wood, your plywood subfloor needs to be structurally sound and efficient in supporting your ceramic tile setup. Your plywood floor needs to be at least 1 1/8 inch thick, and supported by an similarly strong underlayment underneath it. Ceramic tiles are heavy and would need a subfloor that can support their incorporated weight. And they will end up being dislodged, or even break. Otherwise, it would be ill-advised to do a ceramic tile setup on wood.


An existing tile floor. Ceramic tile flooring would typically, require the brand-new room resident to renovate. You have two choices here: One, tile over the existing floor or two, remove the old tiles and start again from scratch. If the existing tile floor is set over a mortar bed, the simplest method to remove them would be to use a big flat-bladed chisel and just hammer away. Make sure to keep yourself safeguarded.


Attempt to obtain an estimate of the task by taking down the length and width of the floor area that you will be tiling. When you go window-shopping, make certain to bring your measurements and discuss it with your hardware or home centre specialists. Those measurements will certainly assist you a lot in estimating how much ceramic floor tiles you need to purchase. It will certainly also help you estimate how much cement and grout, and the tools you’ll need for your ceramic tile installation.


Identify the appearance you want to attain with your floor. Picking ceramic tiles can be facilitated by thinking about these general aspects: Preferred look, tile size and sturdiness.


Choose based on your desired look. Exactly what is the appearance you wish to produce with your ceramic tiles? Choosing that rugged and rustic feel? Or are you more at home with that natural earthy adobe colour? Select a ceramic tile that fits the ambience of your home.


Browse and compare tiles prior to buying. After you have actually made the estimates for the floor space that needs to be tiled, window-shop for your ceramic tiles. Ceramic floor tiles come in a range of costs, shapes, textures and designs. Pick a tile that’s within your price range. Then, ask to see in exactly what a scheme of colours that tile can be found in, so you can choose one that fits the appearance you want to make. The most typical ceramic tile size is one square foot. However ceramic tiles may can be found in a large range of sizes; from one inch, to two feet.


Home improvement - handywoman measuring tileWhatever look you wish to attain, it is a given that your tiles ought to be durable. The sort of ceramic floor tiles you are trying to find must have three primary qualities: The ability to endure water absorption, remarkable resistance to abrasion and constant use, along with high aesthetic qualities. Most hardware establishments are open to requests for information like details tile strength and ability to hold up against regular use and scratching, and resistance to physical tension and liquids. Acquiring information will assist you a lot in your ceramic tile installation, and maintenance.


When hesitating between two options, it never injures to look for help from your tile dealer or someone who understands tiles better than you. From choosing the ideal tiles and colour, to removing existing ceramic tile floors without harming the subfloor, a building specialist can help you with details, at the very least, or help with your ceramic tile setup. These experts are always open about sharing what they understand about home enhancement and making gorgeous tile floors. You can get recommendations for tiling professionals from your hardware establishment, house centre, or equipment tool rental yard.

Raised Garden Beds Can Be Very Productive

Raised yard beds have numerous reasons for being developed. It is an obvious convenience. Many individuals have problem in flexing and this is the main reason individuals construct them. Every possible design, size and height possible is on offer.


Designs can be enhanced by adding structure and height when building a raised yard. Dirt erosion is a trouble in some yards and can be treated by building a raised garden bed. When producing a veggie bed or a cool regulated flower bed in a garden built on a slope then a raised yard bed is the very best choice to utilize.

There are many things to think about when thinking of constructing one.


Place is the most important thing to consider. To have a great harvest veggies need a minimum of six hours of sunshine a day. Avoid structure near bushes and over-hanging trees.


The 2nd thing you have to think about is the design. It can be pricey to use a professional garden design business although they will certainly make sure the ideal products for the raised garden bed. Yard nurseries are a great location to find help as is using pictures and gardening magazines.


When preparing and planting excellent guidance can likewise nowadays be discovered on lots of online gardening internet sites. To help design and build bed many online sites offer free yard design software.


Choosing the building materials is the next step after having developed the plan it. You can make use of anything from bricks to natural rock to old railway sleepers, however, if you are using sleepers make sure they have not been treated with poisonous chemicals to preserve them. You can buy plastic kits these days to build raised beds and although they don’t look as pretty, they are hard wearing, functional and easy to put together.


Next comes preparation of the location where you wish to put it. You need to permit light so you should clip back any over-hanging branches to get the level needed. 4 feet by 8 feet is a great working size for a raised garden bed The area offered in the garden must normally be adjusted to fit the bed. It is suggested not to construct them to large as this could well produce troubles when you attempt to sow and weed the plants as you may not have the ability to reach the centre. You can reduce the problem of weeds in your raised bed by placing a layer of weed matting before you add the soil, this will help prevent weeds underneath your beds coming up through.


Picking your materials to build your raised yard bed comes next on the agenda. If you use a readymade garden kit you need to guarantee it cannot move around as it must be kept level. Do this by leaving stakes about 6 inches above the ground and then hammer them into each corner of the raised garden bed. The top edge of the raised bed should be left level for the stakes if your bed is low.


Closeup cabbageYou must fill your raised yard bed with soil once you have built it. Good wetness retention will not just enhance your plants but by adding garden compost you can likewise supply them with the ideal nutrients also. Online garden baby rooms along with garden supply business sell both compost and dirt. You will certainly discover that the back breaking task of getting it home yourself can be solved by the majority of garden supply companies who provide home delivery.


After watering well, leave the soil just to settle. Once this has occurred, you might find that the soil needs topping up. Now your raised bed is ready to receive plants or seeds. It is important to use the right tools for the job and you will need to buy a garden trowel, hand fork and small rake. If you have stony soil, you will need a riddle so you can sift the stones out of the soil.


The very same quantity of yard design can enter into any raised garden bed much like any area of your garden whether you are utilizing your raised yard bed for flowers and plants or veggies. If you only have limited space, you can plant vertically. For instance, peas, beans and tomatoes will grow up on a frame of canes. Taking advantage of your raised yard bed can include planning garden accessories and devices such as yard obelisks and windmills for a clematis to climb.


The back yard or back yard need not be the only location to put a raised garden bed. You can also make and develop your own in your front yard in addition to the back yard. The convenience and design no matter what you end up using it for will certainly always give you great deals of satisfaction and include style to your yard.

10 vital considerations when choosing an air compressor

An air compressor is an appliance that can push compressed air through a hose to power or move a connected device. It can be used to inflate a tyre or ball; it can power tools

photo courtesy of toolstoday.co.uk

photo courtesy of toolstoday.co.uk

ranging from drills to paint brushes, wrenches, sanders and grinders.


There are different types of air compressor but all varieties work on the same principles. They compress the air but do not liquefy it. However, it is important to select the correct type of air compressor to ensure energy efficiency and minimise maintenance costs.


There are four main types of air compressors and they can be powered by electricity, gas, diesel or petrol. The most popular type is a reciprocating or piston type of compressor. These work on the same principle as an internal combustion engine. A chamber first fills with air. The air is compressed as the piston moves up and down and the chambers volume decreases.


A rotary screw compressor increases the air pressure in a chamber by turning two screws to reduce its volume. However, this type of compressor does create a lot of friction and heat and so requires lubrication to operate.


A rotary sliding vane compressor consists of rotors, stators and a number of blades. Rotors are located inside the stator and between input and outlet ports. As the rotor turns it increases air volumes at the inlet and decreases them at the outlet. But this device needs substantial lubrication.


A centrifugal air compressor consists of an impeller to speed up the flow of air and a diffuser to slow the air flow down. It is capable of creating very high pressures, is very energy efficient but is costly to purchase and maintain.


What is the air compressor going to be used for?


The choice of a particular type of air compressor depends on its ultimate application. The user must determine how much air is going to be needed for a particular job, and then choose the specific type of compressor that will deliver this amount.



Location is one of the most important factors in choosing an air compressor. If it is to be located outdoors it will need some shelter from the elements. If located indoors it has to be in a well ventilated place and possibly an area that has some sound proofing or sound barrier. The location will also dictate the compressor’s energy consumption. If diesel or petrol prices are high, it could be a better idea to buy an electricity or gas-powered compressor. Some compressors become messy to operate when an oil or lubricant change is needed. A compressor used for spray painting will need a clean location. A rotary screw compressor is difficult to operate in a dirty environment.


How much air pressure is needed?


It is important to calculate the minimum amount of air pressure for a particular job to maximise the efficiency of the compressor. Every 0.5 bar increase in operating pressure will increase energy consumption by 4 percent. A 200 kilowatt power capacity compressor operating at 1.4 bar can consume 20 kilowatt of energy. This can amount to serious long term costs.


Amount of free air delivery


The free air delivery (FAD) is the maximum volume of air a compressor produces. Users should ensure that this air delivery is sufficient to power any connected appliance. The ideal calculation is to buy an air compressor that delivers up to 40 percent more air than is required by the connected appliance. Although home improvement and other DIY projects require the smallest amount of air supply, it is always best to buy a higher value compressor for a safety margin as well as the possibility that the user may acquire other more powerful tools.


Kilowatts power capacity required


The best choice in air compressor is one that produces the highest amount of FAD for the lowest amount of kilowatt power capacity. This will equate to lower energy usage over time and operating cost savings. Rotary screw and rotary sliding vane compressors are the most expensive to operate in terms of energy consumption.


Size of air receiver

Air receivers are buffers in air compressors that protect it from on and off load cycling and consequently excessive energy usage. It is better to have a larger air receiver than an undersized one.


Selective features


Once the type and power of the air compressor is chosen, it’s important to search for features such as variable speed drive. This will save energy costs but may not suit all application. Fewer moving parts equate to lower maintenance requirements. Cast iron or stainless steel casings and pipings are suitable for specific applications.


Electricity supply and requirements


The user needs to know the precise amperage available at the air compressor location. Different types of compressor have different electrical requirements so the premises should be suitably wired and powered.

Control systems


There is a variety of available control systems depending on the type of air compressor selected. The usage to which the compressor will be applied will determine how much air it will use and when it will use it. This in turn dictates the most suitable control system that will increase energy efficiency and reliability. Control system may be a start / stop variety, a constant speed unload, variable displacement and modulation.


Removal of condensation


The air compression process will cause water vapour content in the air to condense. This moisture can damage both the compressor equipment and any connected devices. It’s important to ensure that the compressor has a cooling, drying and filtering system installed.

Remodel Your Kitchen Successfully With These Tips

The only way you can have the right kitchen design after remodelling it is if you had planned and budgeted for the same. Proper planning entails getting basic principles right, Home improvement - handywoman measuring tiledesigning a layout and utilizing the same available to accommodate everything you need within the kitchen. Several factors may have to be considered and put into use, if the remodelling procedure is to succeed. These include:


Money is the first thing a homeowner thinks about when remodelling his kitchen. However, there are many external factors that will decide the money you need to spend. Make sure the amount you spend on your cooking area’s remodelling increases your home’s value. It should also improve your daily living’s quality. Your renovation budget is actually an investment as it will yield a measurable return immediately. Homeowners should keep this in mind and thus, have a reasonable amount as their budget. Make sure that amount lets you choose quality finishes and features, which result in an attractive and functional kitchen.


Kitchen redesigning and remodelling is all about how well its space is utilized to increase functionality, and make the kitchen practical. A planner or interior designer can help you conceptualize different ideas and possibilities to make the remodelling exercise worthwhile. A local interior designer can be of great help, though you can still look for a planner online. Countertops, cabinet shapes, tabs and sinks should be considered carefully and well budgeted for. It is advisable to have a plan you can work with before handling or working on anything else.


You do not need to be a designer to come up with great ideas about your kitchen design. There are online pages and websites rich with all types of kitchen designs and you can borrow ideas from. Browsing through several websites should give you an idea for your project, all which can turn out to be a success. If working with a planner, be sure to involve then by showing them pictures of kitchen designs you would want to borrow. He/she should then draft a list of what will be needed to make the project possible.


Find what’s trending in kitchen designs and appliances The internet has made it possible for people to share kitchen design ideas with friends and other internet users. It shouldn’t be hard to find trendy kitchen designs in blogs and design websites. Here, you will find hundreds of trending designs you can adopt for your remodelling project. You however need to pick a design that your budget can accommodate.


A planner can help you choose a workable yet trendy design for your kitchen, and even help you achieve the same by outlining a step by step procedure. This procedure should come out helpful even when making last minute changes on your plan before starting the project. The only critical part in a kitchen remodelling process is coming up with a good design and plan. Once this is done, the technicians will only follow what you have outlined to make your dream possible.


Every kitchen needs to be practical, convenient and efficient to anyone who uses it. If your family spends most of their time in the kitchen, you can then consider having an entertainment unit within the same. This should make it more welcoming and beneficial to everyone, after all, it is the heart of every home.

The kitchen lighting and ventilation needs to be well planned for as well. Luminous paints and fluorescent light bulbs can help illuminate every corner of the kitchen, and yet save you on utility bills. Including green materials in a kitchen design offers many benefits. It will not only keep the environment healthy, but will also create a more comfortable area than before. Get a great kitchen design by including recycled building materials, energy-efficient lighting and green flooring. Such a design will save you maintenance and utility costs over the long-term.


You can also consider redesigning the kitchen for a modern yet practical look and feel. Many home designers today design kitchens to be spacious and accommodating to all. They even add in a seating allowance for anyone who want to chat or relax in the kitchen. This makes the modern kitchen an all-purpose room where everyone can be accommodated and feel comfortable.

Measuring the top five water quality properties

The quality of water supplies in any location is defined as its suitability for a particular purpose. This could be drinking, swimming and leisure activities, agriculture or fisheries.

The chemical and physical properties of natural water supplies – such as temperature, suspended sediment and pH – vary according to their surrounding environmental conditions. waterWater temperatures vary according to the time of day or seasons while pH depends on local geology or industrial pollution.

Scientists measure these properties by collecting water samples over specific periods and analysing them in a laboratory using specialised instruments.


Water temperature is an important quality parameter that determines its ability to sustain living organisms such as plants, algae and fish. Temperature also affects the water’s pH and its ability to dissolve oxygen. Every living organism has an optimal temperature for survival. The human body maintains its optimal temperature at around 37 degrees C. Some fish, such as goldfish, are unable to survive cold water for any extended period of time. Natural water supplies are used to cool equipment in electricity generation plants. This water is warmed and released back into the environment where it affects habitats located downstream.


The pH of any supply of water is a measure of its acidity. This parameter ranges between 0 and 14 while 7 is neutral. Water quality measurement instruments standardise the pH value of 7 as that of pure water at a temperature of 25 degrees C. A pH value less than 7 indicates acidic water and if it is greater than 7, the water is basic. Soapy water has a pH of 12 while drain cleaner liquids have a pH of 14. Sea water has a pH of 8; lemon juice has a pH of 3 while battery acid has a pH of 0. Pollution can affect the pH of natural water supplies. The pH of water flowing from abandoned coal mines can be as low as 2 and could kill any life downstream.


Turbidity is a measure of the cloudiness of any water sample. This is a light scattering effect caused by minute suspended particles in the water that are too small to be detected by the human eye. These particles may be clay, silt, plankton, organic compounds and microscopic organisms. Volatile organic compounds are chemical compounds produced from industrial and urban pollution, especially vehicle exhausts that later react with other gases in the atmosphere and dissolve in rainwater. Together with dissolved pesticides and fertilizers, they are the main causes of unpleasant odours in drinking water supplies.

Turbidity is a key parameter. If it is at a high level in drinking water supplies it can cause gastric diseases in vulnerable people as bacteria or viruses may attach to any suspended particles. Turbidity increases during high water flows such as after rainstorms as material is stirred up from stream or river beds. Instruments measure turbidity by shining light into a water sample, or water flowing along a river, and then measuring the amount of light that is reflected.

Dissolved oxygen
Water molecules are made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. However, water itself is able to dissolve many gases from the atmosphere or from nearby pollution such as oxygen carbon dioxide, nitrogen, chlorine and so on. Dissolved oxygen in natural water supplies is essential to sustain creatures and organisms living there. If the oxygen concentrations are too low, the organisms will die. Mountain streams and other large moving bodies of water contain high amounts of dissolved oxygen while bodies of stagnant water have little oxygen content. Bacteria in stagnant water can consume oxygen during its decay process. As the oxygen content falls, the water body can die. This process is called eutrophication.



The conductivity, or specific conductance, of a water sample is a measure of its ability to conduct an electric current. This parameter is dependant both on the water temperature and the amount of dissolved solids, such as salts, it contains. Pure water has an extremely low conductivity while sea water that contains many dissolved salts has a higher conductivity. So this parameter gives a measure of the amount of dissolved solids the water contains and whether it is suitable for a specific domestic, agricultural or industrial use. High conductivity levels also correlate with unpleasant tastes and odours that could cause gastrointestinal diseases and deteriorate plumbing installations and domestic appliances. Agriculture is unable to use water that has a high conductivity as it will be too saline. Irrigation water acquires a high conductivity during its use as it dissolves solids along the flow path.

Other parameters

Further water quality parameters include hardness and total suspended solids. Water hardness is usually a measure of calcium, magnesium, aluminium and other metal ion concentration. These ions are collected as the water flows over specific geological terrains, especially limestone or chalk.
Suspended sediment is the amount of soil that is collected in water as it flows in a stream or river. In contrast to turbidity, this sediment is visible to the naked eye. Fast flowing water collects sediment from river beds and banks. Reservoirs are known to silt up if too much sediment is carried into them and can affect the ability of hydroelectric installation to generate power. The removal of dissolved solids in water supplies can be an expensive process. It can be passed through a filter that traps the solids or through a reverse osmosis process.

Essential Tools You Should Have For That Home Improvement Project

You can include value to your property by undertaking comprehensive home improvement projects which include getting your home re-painted, remodelling restrooms, modifying design of your kitchen area and construction of balconies and balconies. Even after completion of these jobs, you would need a variety of house improvement tools to maintain your Tool Boxhouse.


From trivial repair works to significant overhauling, a variety of maintenance challenges will come your method as a home owner, but if you have all the gear in the bag, you can afford to relax. If you are preparing to purchase some home enhancement tools, you better read a short description of what kind of equipment you could need.


Cutting tools are meant to cut different sorts of materials and have to be made with strong products. Cutting tools form an essential part of your home enhancement devices kit. A utility knife is possibly the most popular cutting device as it can cut a number of products such as paper, wood, plastic and metals in half. The reality that it is simple to deal with makes it an necessary device for your home enhancement jobs. Another helpful tool is a hacksaw, which can be helpful in cutting wood, bones and tough products. It consists of a saw with delicate yet extremely sharp teeth and a blade framed in metal. A tile-cutter tool can also be of your utility if you have plans of altering design of your restrooms. This device helps shape ceramic devices in whatever way you such as and is a requirement when it pertains to restroom improvement jobs.


A house with a stunning yard looks really appealing, but it takes a number of yard tools to maintain a yard. Garden tools serve the purpose of planting, cutting lawn and other associated agricultural works. You will certainly find yard tools in two kinds, particularly, handbook devices and power run tools. As part of your home improvement devices kit, you need to buy garden tools such as a mower, a spade, a yard hoe, a garden fork and a rake.


Moving heavy objects around is typically a bothersome phase in home enhancement projects. For a smooth sailing throughout this specific phase, you would require moving tools which are created to move things. Some common moving tools consist of a hammer, a screwdriver, pliers and a wrench. A furniture dolly can be really helpful to move heavy items like boxes and furnishings as you can position the things on its flat wooden surface area and wheel the dolly to deliver the item. Another really useful tool is a stair-roller that helps move items up or down the stairs.



Massive home enhancements typically require the services of changing devices. Common changing tools include blow-torch and chemical sprays with solvent properties. While a blow-torch is utilized to bend and shape metals by producing extreme heat, chemical sprays change things through chemical reactions.


Home enhancement tasks consist of precise measurements which are impossible to take unless you make use of measurement tools. The most popular measurement device is tape measure that is available in different materials such as fabric, optical fibre, plastic and metal. With the help of this helpful tool you can make sure that windows and doors have accurate and equal dimensions. A few other measurement tools that you might be interested to consist of in your house improvement devices are rulers, tape measure and spirit level.


When it pertains to offering last touches to an object during house enhancement, you will certainly need shaping devices. These devices are made use of to provide shapes to items such as wood and other products. Chisels, trowels, moulds, sanders and jigs are some typical forming tools that you might require in your device kit.


Unlike the cutting devices, attaching devices are used to join objects. With the help of specialized tools such as a rivet gun, staple gun or glue gun you can join two objects, irrespective of whether they are made from the very same material or not.


Power devices are power-driven with the help of electrical motors, air motors or combustion engines which are inwardly operative. Home improvement on a massive needs a number of works to be finished with the aid of power devices. Typical power tools are drills, angle grinders, nail guns and electrical sanders. There are broadly two type of power tools, specifically, cabled and battery powered tools.


After discovering the most regularly made use of house enhancement tools, you are in a much better position to get the best devices that can look after your home upkeep. A good way to go about shopping for house enhancement devices will be to browse the web.

A Garden Shed Can Be Hugely Beneficial

A garden shed can be one of the most useful items you will ever construct. It can be used to store tools and equipment or be a quiet place to sit and read your newspaper, indeed, according to one study, men are healthier and happier when they have access to their own shed. There are many different types of shed and you can either build one from scratch, buy one in kit form or have one custom made and built for you. What you plan to use your shed for will very much dictate what you buy, so consider what you wish to use your shed for and then choose the best quality that you can afford so that it will last a very long time.


The one thing all gardeners love is great tools. Whether it is hand tools, power equipment, lawn equipment, or potting equipment, there is a need to store equipment and tools (not in the garage either).
What is needed is a really neat garden shed! Garden sheds come in a different price ranges, many different sizes, and styles. Wood, vinyl and metal are the materials used in shed construction. The floors can be wood, poured concrete, made with a pre-fabrication floor kit, or just the bare ground.
The first thing to decide before purchasing a garden shed is how big should it be? Secondly, what will be put in the shed? Do not forget to include the lawn chairs and different seasonal items are to be stored during the winter months.
Make a list of all the things you might want to store in the shed. With this list in mind, search for a garden shed that is large enough for what you want to store. I have never heard gardeners say that they have too much to storage, but people all the time tell me they should have purchased or built a larger shed. Remember bigger is better!
Another important thing to think about is where you plan to locate the shed. For a successful installation you need a firm, level piece of ground that standing water does not collect.

Further information

How to build a garden shed

When to Use an Angle Grinder

You can use an angle grinder for many different things, it really is a very useful piece of equipment and an asset for any shed or tool box.

Angle grinders do come in a variety of models and sizes but most amateur DIY enthusiasts will find that a 4 inch or 4.5 inch angle grinder is suitable for the majority of jobs around the home.  As with all things some angle grinders are more expensive than others – cheaper models may be suitable for some uses but if you intend to use yours for something like Angle grinder cutting steelcement or stucco you do need to be sure to buy an angle grinder with a powerful motor – something drawing around 5 or even 9 amps.

Using an angle grinder for metal cleaning – attaching a wire brush to your tool will make a very effective metal cleaner.  Wire wheels can be used to remove ground on dirt, cement and rust from many things like garden tools etc, particularly when they are used on flat, broad areas. Wire wheels can also used for paint removal, even in tight crevices. Always be sure to work your angle grinder away from sharp edges and not into them.

Using an angle grinder to cut rods and bars – although a hacksaw can be used to cut through metal rods and bars you’ll find the whole thing much quicker and easier if you have an angle grinder handy.  Simply attach a metal cutoff wheel to the grinder and make sure that the bar is held securely. Use the weight of your wheel and grinder to help with the task by cutting from above if at all possible in a situation where the shorter “cut” portion of the rod or bar can drop without causing damage or bind up the blade. This technique can also be used to cut off the ends of bolts which are frozen into concrete – use the cutting wheel flush up against the surface.

Using an angle grinder to cut stone, tiles and concrete – although there are tailor made tools for tile cutting you will find the job much quicker and easier when using an angle grinder with a dry-cut diamond cutting wheel.  This can be particularly useful when cutting sections from tiles for light switches etc. You will be able to do a very neat job with just a little practice. First of all you need to mark out the cutting outline on the back and the front of your tile, clamp it securely to a bench and score about 1/8 inch on the outline (on the face of the tile) then switch it over and cut right through from the back of the tile.  Go a little beyond the scoring on the corners for an extra crisp, clean job.

Using an angle grinder to cut out old mortar – an angle grinder will make short work of cutting out old mortar, much quicker and easier than the traditional hammer and chisel method. Make sure that you use adequate ear, nose and eye protection before you start – you’d better close the windows too because it does create a large amount of dust.  You can buy thicker, diamond pointing and tucking wheels which are tailor made for the job.  Grind the old mortar out from between the bricks making sure that you keep well away from the bricks themselves – a margin of around 1/8 inch should be plenty and save you from damaging any of the actual bricks.

There really are many uses and occasions when an angle grinder can help to make those household jobs quick and easier – these are just a few examples.